Image not found I’m an artist. Well, at least I consider myself to be one. I can draw. I can paint. I can do crafts. I can be creative when I am told what to do. But therein lies my problem. I need to be told what to do most of the time. I lack imagination. Or better yet, inspiration seldom finds me. A lot of the time, I get this overwhelming urge to draw, or to craft something. Anything. But most of those times, I just stare on a blank paper, holding my pencil until I need to do something else, leaving that paper still blank. I can’t, for the life of me, think of anything to draw! If this is artist’s block, then that means I have it more than half the time. Then lately I got a lot of free time that I decided that I want to be creative, or more specifically, I want to overcome this block, this uninspired thinking. So I tried meditating on ideas until I remembered something I heard (or read) somewhere sometime ago, “If inspiration doesn’t come to you, go out and find it”. And what better place to start looking for something than the internet. I got a few ideas that I’m going to try to do and I will share some of it here, not only for me to remember it, but also for anyone who is undergoing artist’s (or writer’s) block.

  • Explore. Of course, it helps getting out of the house and look someplace for ideas. Take a walk, take a hike, go for a stroll in the mall and sit down on a coffee shop. bring a paper and pen to draw or write on. A previous idea of mine is to take pictures everywhere, then use them as reference for drawing or painting later.
  • Create in another discipline. I tried writing. Hence this blog post. 🙂
  • Learn. This is an extension of the “Explore idea”. There is a lot to learn just by sitting down and reading a book (or an art book). Our minds can go to far away (even fantasy) places just by reading books.
  • Just do it. Right now. Whatever the result is. Remember, crappy art is still art. (Except if it’s for work, don’t pass bad art/writing if it’s being paid for, just saying)

There are more tips here for finding inspiration. I just listed what I will be starting with and see if I improve in any way. Thanks for reading. 🙂