My two beautiful friends. I mean their beautiful blogs LOL.

I have (unintentionally) neglected this blog. My posts were months apart, and in-between those posts most of the time I have forgotten that I have a blog. I just can’t think of anything to share here. Although I have ideas some of the times, I feel like that there really is no need to post. I won’t die or stave if I don’t come up with something to publish at my blog. I’ll just do it next time. That has been my thinking. But i really want to get my creative juices flowing, and this is one way I can express creativity, I needed motivation, I thought.

Then came in my two beautiful friends who (unintentionally, I think?) neglected their blogs also. It was suggested during a rainy night that we would have a challenge between us three. We agreed that each of us must publish a post on our blog at least twice a month. If someone (or two) would not be able to post, then he/she (or they) would owe an open favor to those (or the one) who would be able to post. And I believe that each of us can be brutal in asking those favors. This will be exciting. *Evil laugh*.

Basically, this is one tip that I have not included in my last post about finding creativity. You can challenge yourself, or if you want something more fun, find friends you can challenge with yourself to be creative. You’ll have a reason to come up with an output on a regular basis and you can also learn from your friends. Happy blogging to all the bloggers who also needs a push!

You can also go to my previously mentioned friends’ blogs and check out their posts. Unlike me, I think they have a real history in writing. Here are the links:

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