It had been dark and cloudy most of the day, but no rain would fall. But I could feel it. It’s waiting, biding time until the cold of the late night descends and everyone would be fast asleep, tired from the activities of the day and catching up on rest getting ready for the start of the week the next morning. Then it will finally fall, washing away the dirt and grime that had accumulated on the walls and streets and anywhere the rain will touch. Then the dawn will really bring a new start for the week. Funny, though, that this anecdote perfectly describes the gloomy weather that one Sunday, when I was really talking about how I was feeling that day.

Okay, I apologize for the very long introduction. This is not short story post. I just really liked my feeling’s similarity to the weather that day, to emphasize how a couple of people drastically affected (for the better) my mood that day.

I just want to thank two very good friends of mine. I was feeling down that day, and mostly spent the day alone at home. They sent out an invite to our circle of friends that afternoon that we could come invade their home, but most of them are busy that day. So even if I was the only one available that night, I still went to their humble abode. I had dinner with them and lounged around until late that night, exchanging stories and surfing the net.

I want to thank them for the company that night. I mostly want to spend eating my meals alone at home, but that togetherness that time really lift my spirits up. A small act of kindness like a simple invitation to spend time with them became a big thing for me. I was no longer lonely (much. LOL).

Always remember, we don’t need to do big things for our friends, especially our closest ones, like treat them on a fancy dinner, or take them on a big concert for them to feel the bond between you. Sometimes, or even often times, the little things like an invitation or surprise visit, a random phone call or even a text message is enough to remind them that, “Hey, you have a friend here, no need to be alone or lonely”.