Long story short, one night this past week, it took me about seven hours to reach my home from my office due to a traffic jam of epic proportions caused by floods from a sudden heavy rain. I had a lot of time to (over)think in that time, especially since I walked for a long part of he way due to vehicles literally not moving for hours. I want to share the top two things I have (re)learned during that seemingly endless journey.

It’s better to just calm yourself during a situation like that instead of getting angry and frustrated. I was really tempted to show my rage that night, especially when I was walking along the wet road. (Also, to add to all of that, the whole of my pants was soaking wet from the rain earlier). I don’t know how, but I just really wanted an outlet for my frustration. Then I stopped, took a couple of deep breaths and then thought of the consequences if I did. That day, I was already tired even before all of this mess started. I was drained of energy mentally from my work and emotionally from, well, other things. And then having to walk that long way, I was getting exhausted physically too. And I know full well, getting angry is a big eater of energy. I was almost out, I don’t know for how long more I had to walk, and if I gave in to my rage, I knew I won’t have the energy to continue and get home, so I calmed myself and thought of other things to conserve energy.

You’ll eventually get to where you want to go, despite how long and hard the journey is, if only you won’t change your course. Okay, reading that sentence seems like something captain obvious would say but hear me out. My one and only desire that night was to get home, take a hot shower and then sleep to rest, so I did everything I could to get there. Standing under heavy rains to flag down buses (before the traffic jam started), walking along wet (sometimes flooded) roads, taking multiple buses home, and after many long hours, I got to where I wanted. We can also take that statement to mean other things, like striving for a goal in life. A lot of people get discouraged and stop chasing their dreams because it’s taking them longer than they planned or it’s harder than they thought and had to give more effort or give a sacrifice to get there. But quitting half of the way, we’ll really never know how the rest of the way will be. Maybe I could have quit while walking and decided to sleep somewhere with my wet clothes, without me knowing that across the next street, a bus would be coming that’s on the way to my town. One day, we’ll get to where we want, we just have to keep moving, even how small the step we might take.

I don’t know how getting caught in a traffic jam lead to goals and life dreams, but like I said earlier, I had a lot of time to (over)think that night. LOL.