Dusk: Half Afternoon, Half Evening
Dusk: Half Afternoon, Half Evening

I chose this photo for the theme “Change” this week not only because of the change in time, but this photo has a not-so-obvious significance to me when it comes to change. No, it’s not that dramatic. LOL.

The obvious change here is the sunset in the background. Okay, I’ll confess, I’m not a fan of sunsets, I like sunrise more, but there is a moment in sunsets that I love, and it’s captured in this photo a bit. It’s when the sun has just set over the horizon, suddenly enveloping my surroundings with darkness, relative to the orange light bathed surroundings from a moment ago. This is when I look up and see the sky painted in marvelous colors of purples, indigos, oranges, and bits of blues, reds and yellow. Often times, there will be a small moon somewhere above, or a few really bright stars to complement the dark colors. This is a sight I dream of painting with justice someday.

The not-so-obvious significance of this photo to me is that, I snapped this right after leaving the building of my new office on my first day there. A lot has changed for me since I started working here, and I always remember that first day whenever I see this photo.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Change.”