I’m tired. My mind’s been occupied with thoughts and plans for my future. That’s why I wasn’t in the mood to blog even though I have two almost finished drafts. What got me this way?

I feel like I’m stuck in a crossroad in life. It started with me thinking of my career path (more on this next time). Of course, we pass this way many times in our lives, and I’ve been through a few myself, but it seems different this time. For once, I just want to sit in the middle and stare at all the roads because I can’t decide which way, and even though I have set my plans for my future already, and it’s not just for one aspect of my life.

I’m a guy who always thinks before acting, and oftentimes over think (hence the name of my blog), and trying to choose my way, wracking my brains trying to grasp every possibility, from happiness to stability to relationships with people, under a self-imposed time limit, I’m pretty exhausted. I just want to sit and do nothing.

It’s okay to rest for a bit, right? It’s okay not to figure out everything right now, isn’t it? I know I’ll get it someday. I’ll just sit and rest and enjoy life for a couple of hours to recharge. Then, back to everything.