“After climbing and reaching the summit, what should you do?”

“Plan the next climb!”

I took (forced to take, actually) a training this week, which included the “4 camps” on employee-manager relationship. After discussing those 4 camps, the trainer asked that question. “After climbing and reaching the summit, what should you do?”, and I answered “Plan the next climb!”. (There was a joke in between that I’ll just disregard here). No, I won’t be sharing the contents of the training. I really just want to share that question and answer.

It hit me when I thought about it. It should be a rule of life. Don’t stop. Reached a goal? Set a new, preferably a more challenging one. Became a master or an expert in a field? Start training on something you’re not familiar. Don’t be stagnant. Keep moving. Life is full of infinite possibilities. Even our own minds and bodies are teeming with potential. They’re just waiting to be explored.