As if I didn’t have enough problems with my obsessive overthinking

Anybody who have read Sun Tzu’s The Art of War would recognize my title as the same title of the first chapter. I thought it was only appropriate as effective planning is the reason I wanted to read this book for so long. I just had a hard time trying to find a copy (with a cover that I really liked). I planned on reading this book about war strategies and challenge myself to understand its points enough that I can derive the basic principles so much so that I can apply them in everyday life.

I like to plan. I like coming up with strategies. I have thought for a couple of times that if I had lived in the old days, I would have liked to live on an eastern kingdom, as I thought the most suitable path I could take is to be a strategist. I never wanted to be a king or an emperor. I’m not effective at making decisions like a leader. What I’m good at is looking to the future and coming up with (almost) all possible outcomes and repercussions for any decisions. I want to be Liu Bei’s Zhuge Liang. Well, so much for life goals. Hahaha.

Incidentally, I’m really bad at playing chess. Hmmmm…

“Supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting.”

-Sun Tsu, The Art of War