If I got home and found a couple I don’t know sitting in my living room eating cake? Well, my reaction would depend on a few things.

Realistically, I would assume that they are guests of my mom or my aunt, and I will give a quick smile to the couple, look away and look for my mom or aunt, then head to my room and don’t come out. Yeah, I’m uncomfortable with strangers.

If they are not home? Well, that would be quite problematic. For one, our door is always locked, so it’s safe to assume that they have broken into our home. Problem is, I don’t have any weapons hidden near our door (I should probably think about this). I’d just probably strike a defensive stance and wait to see if they will explain themselves. If they don’t, well, I can’t really say what will happen next for sure. LOL.

If anyone has read this and thought, what about the cake they are eating? Well, I won’t really react cause I’m not fond of cakes. I don’t actually eat cake as I find it too sweet (and some too much bread). Except if they were eating chocolate mousse cake. I’d probably look for the source first before thinking twice about the strangers eating them. 😀

This post is a response to today’s daily prompt: Unexpected Guests