My new workplace likes to organize events. A lot of events. I think its part of their talent attraction and retention. But I’m getting off topic here. I’m writing about myself, they’re just part of the story. I actually don’t know why I wanted to open with that statement, but going back, we have this monthly event on a Friday of the month that we have a theme. It could be that everyone must wear hats, or wear school uniforms, but today we were asked to were yellow. Anything that is yellow.

So naturally, being the me that’s reluctant to participate, I came to work dressed on black long sleeves. I just brought a yellow neck tie that I got somewhere and told them that I will just wear it in time for the event. Well, the thing is, I hate neck ties. I feel like they’re strangling my neck. But when the time came, I wore it without much hesitation. I also don’t like participating in games. I just like watching from the sides where I can analyze everything that’s going on while also saving energy. But as before, when the time for games, I didn’t hesitate, fact is I went up to actually volunteer. Also, right after doing that, I noticed that I was different.

Did I change permanently? No, most likely not. Did I change because of some big event like the Earth changed its tilt or aliens controlled me from their mother ship? Impossible. Or is it?) Maybe I’m just looking for a bit of variety in the happenings around my life. I will most likely return to my lazy, anti-social self tomorrow, but realizing this earlier I felt that it’s a lesson I should keep. I don’t like change. I’m actually incredibly set in my ways. My norm (but trust me, it’s far from what others consider normal). I might not like to change (or others try to change my ways), but it comes, and without warning most of the time. I can do somethings to change them back but it’s also not bad to just let it happen sometimes and I might experience something fun and interesting once in a while.

Emphasis on “once in a while”.