I don’t think this is the first time I wrote about this blog and my reasons on starting this (too lazy to check), but I wanted to right this now before writing the other topics that I have thought of.

I gave this blog, my blog, the title of “Unnecessary Overthinking” because I want this to be sort of a record of all the random thinking and soul searching I do. I used to do this a lot, especially back when I was in high school and college. I had nothing else to do in my long commutes and walking from school to home so I would play in my mind. Friends would often comment and laugh at me as they see me just staring out the windows of jeepneys and then smile all of a sudden. “Goin’ insane?” is what they often ask me. I didn’t mind. I thought to myself, if only they knew how far my mind wandered, through time and space, past Pluto, past the lone lamp post in Narnia and over the sea westward of Middle-Earth, searching for scientific facts, fantastic stories and the answer to the question of life (the universe and everything. By the way I found it. Any body else reading this knows? Hehe). My mind is my playground. And if they cannot imagine that, how boring it must have been life for them. Well not that I would know how they live their lives. But I was content with my thoughts.

I still do this now, though not as often. I blame smart phones and hand held consoles for this. Also the reason I don’t really post about them hear is that as time goes by, my thoughts has been getting a tad bit negative. Like if I would post them here, this would be a rant blog, filled with rant posts about how society cannot work together. I’d probably get depressed more. Probably the readers also.

But I decided, c’mon, it’s what I am thinking. It’s the product of my thoughts. I should write them. Also, maybe the readers who think like me can comment and give their thoughts too. And those who does not think that way can comment too and convince me otherwise. I like intelligent arguments. Not the kind you find on youtube of 9gag.

So I’ll end here for now and get back to thinking so I’ll have more things to rant blog.