Today is February 29. Something everyone of us last experienced four years ago. We got an extra day this year.

So I got that remider from facebook earlier today before going to work. I thought about it for a bit and I just shrugged and said to myself that today would just be a normal day, spending it working in the office, going home and then sleep. But then halfway through the day, I remembered that I have been putting something off and thought, “hey, why not start today?”. So bypassing my mandatory overthinking phase, I started one of my plans without much clue to what I was doing. But hey, at least I started it, and I’ll be able to easily remember when I started. February 29. The extra day.

How about you? How have you spent this extra day?

(I have not disclosed what I have started as it will be part of my mid year and end year check on my new year challenge to myself. So only then will I be blogging about it fully.)