We often hear the phrase “The good old days”, heck, we most likely find ourselves once or twice in our lives saying this phrase. But how true is it?

Maybe, our past may have been good, especially if we find ourselves in the middle of a bad day, wishing that our predicament is somehow different. One instance that I distinctly remember saying this is back when I was in college. Back then, I was yearning for my “good ol’ high school days” when the studies were easier, school time is shorter and friends I could spend time endlessly. Side note, I think constantly thinking about that back then cost me a good amount of enjoyment out of my college life, and also my present friends back then.

Now, a bit more older, and I tried to look at it all more objectively. I think it wasn’t really because the old days were better. Not that they weren’t, or at least not always. See, what most likely we feel in this situation is uncertainty. We’re having a bad day, unsure if tomorrow would be any better, or God forbid, a lot worse, so we tend to look back and see the past, our past, which, we already knew how it played out, and we knew what happened on which situation.

Like in my previous example, I knew what happened back in high school, how everything ended. I may have had some badly done exams and projects, some animosity between friends, but in the end, we all finished and we all stayed friends. I knew. So now that I am working and looking back in my college days, I see the same things. What ever trouble happened, I overcame. I finished. No more uncertainties. There is another era in my life that I could call “the good old days”.

So now, whenever I find myself looking back and wishing again for whatever good days I remember from my past, I can then think and tell myself, those may have been good days, but why not make today better? And in the process add this to my future self’s “good old days”. Just a cycle.