I just came from a live viewing of a concert. Final Love Live if anyone who reads this knows it.

For background, it’s an idol group of anime characters who releases songs and does live concerts, with their voice actresses. I’m a fan because of their voice actresses, so watching lives is what I really prefer.And today (and yesterday) is their last live because there is a new group. (There is more to their story and it’s good, I recommend watching the anime so I won’t spoil any story).

See. I don’t like attending concerts. I hate crowds. And noise. But this is history being the last one. And on thinking if I would regret in 10 years not watching it on my last chance, I caved in and decided to watch. I did something I thought I wouldn’t do.

Another problem with me is that I’m really withdrawn. I don’t talk to strangers if they don’t talk to me first, and I get stressed meeting new people, sometimes even online. But after sitting on my seat, ¬†started talking to my seatmate and continued talking and laughing with him throughout the show. Also halfway, I got another seatmate and I we also started talking and laughing about the show. And then after the show, I comment non stop on our fan group ( I know no one there and my first time commenting there) when other watchers post their experiences on the show. And making plans with them for future shows. I don’t do these things!

I read stories of other fans on how their story has touched and influenced them. I ask myself that and can’t think of any influence as good as what they say. And then this happens. Because of them, I got to do those things because of them. Because I felt somewhat familiar with those strangers due to our mutual passion for those anime girls. I watched (and participated heavily, watch Japanese concerts and see how audience participate to songs) that live viewing because I wanted to be a part of their history. And I am really thankful to those fictional girls that I got to experienced those because of them.