It’s already the 5th Month of the year. It seemed to me that these past months flew by so fast. I think its because I accomplished very little on what I set my plans to when the year started. I haven’t tried a lot of new things. Learned so little new skills. Well, I am learning a lot of new things at work regarding my supposed field of expertise. But I think there lies my problem. Most of my time is taken up by work and I am again being hit by burnout. Spending all day at the office (and being expected to stay late because of the amount of work to be done that they know our team can’t handle in a regular amount of work hours) and then going home to eat, watch a few youtube videos and sleep because I have to get up very early for work the next morning. Not much time for anything else to do.

I actually started writing this so that maybe by typing out my problem, I can think of a solution, something to let me keep enjoying life, but I still haven’t. I think the answer lies somewhere else and I need to continue looking. So there’s no takeaway form this post, just some online journal. Might make a new post when I find that something that I need to discover.