unnecessary overthinking

But really, when is overthinking necessary?

Unexpected Guests

If I got home and found a couple I don’t know sitting in my living room eating cake? Well, my reaction would depend on a few things.

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Laying Plans


As if I didn’t have enough problems with my obsessive overthinkingContinue reading “Laying Plans”

What’s Next?


“After climbing and reaching the summit, what should you do?” Continue reading “What’s Next?”

How I make decisions

“While we are free to choose out actions, we are not free to ¬†choose the consequences of our actions” –¬†Stephen Covey

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

Dusk: Half Afternoon, Half Evening
Dusk: Half Afternoon, Half Evening

I chose this photo for the theme “Change” this week not only because of the change in time, but this photo has a not-so-obvious significance to me when it comes to change. No, it’s not that dramatic. LOL. Continue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Change”

Nothing Else To Do But Overthink

Long story short, one night this past week, it took me about seven hours to reach my home from my office due to a traffic jam of epic proportions caused by floods from a sudden heavy rain. I had a lot of time to (over)think in that time, especially since I walked for a long part of he way due to vehicles literally not moving for hours. I want to share the top two things I have (re)learned during that seemingly endless journey. Continue reading “Nothing Else To Do But Overthink”

The Little Things, For Friends

It had been dark and cloudy most of the day, but no rain would fall. But I could feel it. It’s waiting, biding time until the cold of the late night descends and everyone would be fast asleep, tired from the activities of the day and catching up on rest getting ready for the start of the week the next morning. Then it will finally fall, washing away the dirt and grime that had accumulated on the walls and streets and anywhere the rain will touch. Then the dawn will really bring a new start for the week. Continue reading “The Little Things, For Friends”

Blog Challenge, Start!

My two beautiful friends. I mean their beautiful blogs LOL.

I have (unintentionally) neglected this blog. Continue reading “Blog Challenge, Start!”

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